Collagen for hund is probably the most complete suppliment for dogs.

Collagen for hund is probably the most complete suppliment for dogs.


The product is developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and contains collagen type 2, Norwegian salmon oil, curcumin, probiotic lactic acid bacteria, herring roe solipids and vitamin E.


Collagen for Dog is an advanced dietary supplement for dogs in capsule form. Designed specifically to safeguard your dog's health throughout all stages of life, the recipe is a unique blend of unnatural collagen, natural salmon oil, turmeric extract, lactic acid bacteria, herring eggs and vitamin E. for Dog.


Collagen for Dog affects the overall health of the dog. It has been documented that the ingredients in Collagen for Dog help against joint and muscle ailments, are beneficial for cardiovascular disorders and prevent and strengthen the immune system. A healthy dog is a happy dog. And a dog in good shape always has the best conditions to enjoy life's challenges!


What does the active ingredient collagen do for my dog?

Very many dogs suffer from joint problems without the owners being aware of it. Collagen for Dog contains natural collagen which is the building block of the body, and absolutely necessary for the formation of skin, muscles, bones and cartilage. As time goes on, the body will strive to produce enough collagen to maintain and repair joints, cartilage and muscles, and a degradation process occurs that can cause pain and impair the quality of life for the dog. We can reverse this development by giving the dog collagen. Research shows that collagen has a very good effect on joint problems, and that daily intake provides significant pain reduction, greater mobility and prevents cartilage degradation. Collagen for Hund is developed in collaboration with veterinarians and completely safe to use. Usually, you will see a clear improvement after 3 - 4 weeks.


Daily supplementation can give your dog:

  • Stronger and painless joints
  • Visibly softer and glossier coat
  • Better digestion
  • Reduced itching and less grubbing
  • Better vision, blood circulation and energy