GPG PetCare

We know there are a lot of animals out there that suffer every single day. It is not always easy for the owners to know how an animal is doing and what it might take to improve the quality of life of the animal.

With this in mind, we develop and offer health food products specifically tailored to animals and focusing on their well-being and health - all in close collaboration with veterinarians.


Collagen for Dog®

is probably the market's most complete dietary supplement for dogs.

Buying supplements directly from us means we can keep prices down despite high quality standards. We offer flexible deliveries to provide you with maximum freedom and top customer service. There is never any binding or purchase obligation associated with the subscription, and we want it to be easy to be a customer with us!

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Collagen for Horse®

can deliver great savings as well as increased performance.

Riding, trotting and jumping horses and especially horses in competitive context often have challenges with their joints and muscles and significant resources are used annually to combat the problem. Collagen for horse® can deliver great savings as well as increased performance.