Collagen for Dog®

is a complete supplement for dogs.

In Norway, there are over 600,000 dogs, and a large proportion of these have health challenges. Collagen for hund® contains a total of seven different active substances, which together have a positive effect on joints, articular cartilage, muscles, fur, paws, eyesight, brain, heart and vessels. We offer popular and flexible subscription solutions.

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Collagen for Horse®

can deliver great savings as well as increased performance.

Riding, trotting and jumping horses and especially horses in competitive context often have challenges with their joints and muscles and significant resources are used annually to combat the problem. Collagen for horse® can deliver great savings as well as increased performance. The product contains the necessary nutrients the horse needs in addition to the main ingredient "collagen" – served along with other powder-shaped foods.


Norwegian Salmon® 

Norway is a world-leading producer and exporter of fresh and frozen salmon. Norwegian Salmon® is a premium omega-3 capsule product, focusing on distribution to the Asian market. More info coming soon.



is developed to effectively reduce stress, improve sleep quality and give more energy.

The product is composed of 7 active ingredients; Levagen+® (PEA), LipiSperse®, Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea), Magnesium, Lactium Alpha S1 Casein Hydrolysate, B-vitamins og Bioperine.